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Privacy policy


Due to the expansion of the new information and communication technologies, it becomes mandatory to protect the user’s private life. That’s why we commit to respecting the confidentiality of personal data collected.


Data collection

We collect the following information :

  • Name
  • First name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • CV

Those personal data are collected through the forms and through the interaction you have with our website.

We also use, as stated in the next section, cookies and/or log files to collect information about yourself.


Forms and interactivity

Your personal data is collected through forms:

  • Contact form
  • Career form

We use the information collected for the following purpose :

  • to contact you and answer you

Your personal data is also collected through interactivity between you and the website:

  • Statistics
  • Website management (presentation, organization)

We use the information collected for the following purpose :

  • Information


Sample and log files

We collect data through log files and cookies. Data collected through this mean consist mainly in the following information :

  • IP address
  • Operating system
  • Website page visited and requests
  • Day and hour of connection

These information allow us to :

  • Improve our service
  • Run statistics


Right to object, withdraw and access

You are entitled to object, to rectify, to access and to erase your personal data collected.

The right to object means the possibility for the user to prohibit the use of its personal data to a certain purpose.

The right to withdraw means the possibility for the user to ask for the withdrawal of its previous acceptation. For example, the user can request to be withdrawn from a mailing list.

The right to access means the possibility for the user to request :

  • the consultation of personal data in possession of the firm
  • the rectification of personal data
  • the total erase of all its personal data

For any demand related to the above, please send an email to contact@brunswick.fr



Personal data collected by the firm are stored in a secured place. The persons working for the firm are also required to respect the confidentiality of your data.

The security measures are the following :

  • Network surveillance system
  • Computer back up
  • Firewalls

We commit to maintaining a high level of security, using all the cutting-edge technology, in order to ensure maximum confidentiality of your information. Nevertheless, zero risk systems don’t exist and one should be aware there is always a possibility of breach in the confidentiality while exchanging personal data through internet.



You will find below the legal provisions applicable: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/loi-78-17-du-6-janvier-1978-modifiee



You can manage the cookies by setting up your web browser.

Révoquer mon consentement pour les cookies non-fonctionnels

At any moment, you can choose to turn off the cookies.

Your web browser can also be set up so that it warns you when cookies are to be taken and it can ask your permission each time it happens. You can also set it up so it automatically refuses.

We remind you that the set up can alter the terms of use, specifically the services using cookies.

If your web browser is set up so that it refuses all cookies, you will not be able to use the main functionalities of our website.

That is why we invite you to set up your browser so that is allows cookies only for the purposes stated above.

Here how you can control and prevent cookies from being stored.

The setup of each web browser is different. You can find yours in the help menu of your web browser. Then you will be able to know how to modify the cookies allowance.

You can turn off the cookies following the instructions bellow :

  • a/ if you use the Internet Explorer browser

Click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen

Internet Options

Privacy tab> Sites

Click Delete All (or select the desired cookie and click Remove)

  • b / if you use the Firefox browser

Go to the hamburger menu> Options

In the window that appears, choose « Privacy and Security » and click on « Cookies and Site Data »> Manage Data …

Locate the files that contain the name »the name of your site» Select them and delete them.

  • c/ if you use the Safari browser

Open Safari.

Click Safari in the menu bar.

Select Preferences …

Select the Privacy tab

Click Details and Delete in the Cookies and other website data field and delete

  • d / if you use the Google Chrome browser

1. On your computer, open Chrome.

2. In the upper right corner, click More Settings.

3. At the bottom, click Advanced Settings.

4. In the « Privacy and Security » section, click Content Settings.

5. Click Cookies.

6. In the « Set of cookies and site data » section, search for the name of the website.

7. To the right of the site, click Delete.

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